Coverage of the U.S. 2008 Elections in the Turkish Press

Posted: February 6, 2008 in Analysis
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Published: Global Press Watch

American politics has always been prominent in the Turkish press and most Turkish papers cover important U.S. news intensively. However, the run-up to the 2008 primary elections and caucuses has coincided with a very busy political period in Turkey. At the moment, the Turkish media is full of coverage of the incursion of the Turkish army into Northern Iraq and the ongoing armed conflict between the Turkish army and the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) in southeast Turkey. Another event that is dominating the news agenda is the ruling conservative Islamist Justice and Development Party’s stubborn effort to change the law that bans the veil in Turkish universities. Thus, the elections in America have not yet become a prominent spectacle in the Turkish press. Read the rest of the article.


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