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Reporter/Producer/Writer/Camera/Edit: Gizem Yarbil
Co-Producer: Matthew Kennard
Still Title Photo: Zachary Goelman

Members of a neo-Nazi group calling themselves America’s Nazi Party rallied in Washington this Saturday against illegal immigration. As they rallied near the Capitol, others gathered to protest the presence of the neo-Nazis, keeping police busy throughout the afternoon.


Reporter: Gizem Yarbil
Producer: Yaldaz Sadakova
Written by: Gizem Yarbil and Yaldaz Sadakova
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You never know who you’ll run into on the streets of New York…

Turkish Media Monitor

Posted: April 15, 2008 in Analysis

Published: Global Press Watch

In a country of political and ethnic turmoil, self-censorship is a common practice among Turkish journalists. Among the major factors that put pressure on journalists are: corporate ownership of media, the economic dependence of some of these corporations on the government, the military’s influence on reportage, and a political atmosphere of heightened nationalism, which is reflected in a criminal law that subjects journalists to prosecution for insulting “Turkishness.” At the same time, some progress toward greater press freedom can be seen in recent years as the number of journalists imprisoned because of their work has sharply declined from the 1990s. Read the rest of the article.

Producer: Gizem Yarbil, Reporter: Robb Thompson

Published: The Columbia Journalist, Global Press Watch

With journalism moving toward the web, a discussion is brewing over who exactly is a journalist. Here is the story of one man who’s taking the NYPD to court over the issue.