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My feature story from Turkey about the rising Islamist movements in that country was highlighted as one of the 15 Worldfocus Signature stories most popular with viewers in 2009. This story aired on Worldfocus in October 2009 and February 2010.


This feature story aired on the international news program Worldfocus on PBS.

Correspondent Gizem Yarbil and producer Bryan Myers recently traveled to the Kurdish enclave of Diyarbakir in eastern Turkey for a closer look at the allegations that the Turkish government had engaged in a so-called “dirty war” against the Kurds.

Turkey’s longstanding conflict between ethnic Kurdish minority and the Turkish government flared this weekend after demonstrations erupted when the high court outlawed the main Kurdish political party.

The Kurds see themselves as an oppressed minority, while the Turkish government sees many of them as dangerous separatists.

This feature story aired on the international news program Worldfocus on PBS.

Almost all of 77 million people in Turkey are Muslim, but signs of Islamic faith are noticeably divorced from everyday life. But a growing number of Turks are joining conservative movements that believe religion should play a greater role in the country’s ethical and moral values. Secular critics brand these religious groups as fundamentalist.

Correspondent Gizem Yarbil and producer Bryan Myers report on how traditional religion and modern democracy are trying to coexist in Turkey today.

This feature story aired as part of the “Women in Islam” series on the international news program Worldfocus on PBS.

In much of Turkey, playing soccer is something girls simply don’t do. But some women players are challenging the norms and taking to the field.

As Worldfocus correspondent Gizem Yarbil and producer Bryan Myers discovered, part of the resistance to women playing soccer is religious and part of it is cultural.

Street Vendor pic

Airing on: AlHurra TV


Gizem Yarbil, Tais Moraes, Rob Thompson

Project Adviser: Philip Scheffler

Street Vendors have become a New York City fixture. There are more than 10,000 in the city and more than 80% of them are immigrants. They work long hours under harsh conditions, counting on good weather to sell their goods and services.

Since 1994, vendors have been the subjects of New York City’s “quality of life” crackdown.

Here is the story of a day in the life of street vendors in New York City.

This 30-minute documentary has been produced as the final Master’s Project thesis for the Graduate School of Journalism at Columbia University.

A 22-minute version of this documentary is airing currently in the Middle East and North Africa on Al Hurra, an Arabic language satellite television network.

You can view this documentary at:

A La Cart – Street vendors of New York City from Tais on Vimeo.

Reporter/Producer/Writer/Camera/Edit: Gizem Yarbil
Co-Producer: Matthew Kennard
Still Title Photo: Zachary Goelman

Members of a neo-Nazi group calling themselves America’s Nazi Party rallied in Washington this Saturday against illegal immigration. As they rallied near the Capitol, others gathered to protest the presence of the neo-Nazis, keeping police busy throughout the afternoon.

Reporter: Gizem Yarbil
Producer: Yaldaz Sadakova
Written by: Gizem Yarbil and Yaldaz Sadakova
Special Thanks to: Begin North Productions
For web only

You never know who you’ll run into on the streets of New York…